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Year 6

Year 6 Team -  Miss Evans, Mrs Pickering, Mrs Pitt, Mrs Steventon and Miss Gillbody.

This Half Term

Throughout this half term we will be continuing to explore Shakespeare.

Our key text is Macbeth by William Shakespeare (version by Leon Garfield). This will provide the foundation of our learning across a few subjects. It will be inspiring our writing within our English lessons, as well as informing our learning in reading sessions, when we will be disucssing the different comprehension components, as well as considering why the author has chosen to write the text in the way he has and the impact that it has on the story.

History - The Longest Reign

In this topic, children will investigate the changes that took place in Britain throughout the reign of Queen
Elizabeth II. They will learn about the introduction of the World Wide Web, changes to education over the decades (including the introduction of the National Curriculum) and the developments that have taken place in moving from the British Empire to the current Commonwealth.

Geography – Coastlines
This topic gives children the opportunity to investigate different types of weathering and the features of a coastline. They will consider the impact of weathering upon coastlines and how coastlines around the UK have changed over time. Children will explore how borders across the UK and Europe have changed over time, and use their learning to predict changes, which may occur in the future.
Evolution and Inheritance and Sex and Relationships

3D Sculpture: Children will research and analyse the works of a well-known sculptor and develop their own response through experimentation and imaginative use of the knowledge acquired of tools, techniques and materials.

What can we learn from religions about temptation? This unit enables pupils to engage thoughtfully with questions of good and evil, right and wrong through thinking about temptation. Pupils will become familiar with stories of temptation and ritual practice from Islam and Christianity, and will be enabled to think for themselves about questions to do with morals, choices and the impact of our behaviour on others.

Dance and Athletics

Leisure and School

Jigsaw (PSHE)

Design and Technology
Cooking and nutrition—Global Food Crisis

Programming—variables and algorithms.

Summer 1: How does music shape our way of life?
Summer 2: How does music connect us with the environment?

Previous Learning

Autumn Term

At the beginning of Year 6, children began learning about WWII. Children's learning was supported by our key text 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne, which inspired their writing throughout the Autumn term as well as supported their learning in RAID lessons. Children had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of WWII in History lessons when they explored the effects of the Second World War on citizens both nationally and internationally. Children started the unit by exploring how the end of WWI influenced the start of WWII. They investigated key events in WWII and the countries involved, studied wartime propaganda and discussed the reasoning for and influence of bias and censorship in wartime Britain and investigated the causes and impact of the Holocaust. 

Reading for pleasure texts:


Spring Term

This term children were taken on a journey to Verona, Italy, through our key text 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare (version by Leon Garfield). In Geography, children gained an understanding of the location of Verona and the human and physical differences between Italy and the UK, thus enabling them to gain a better understanding of the setting of Verona, in comparison to the environment that they are used to.


Children also had the opportunity to explore Shakespearean language through the analysis of poems by William Shakespear. They also explored the setting of Italy through the analysis of 'Approaching Italy Sonnet' by Oscar Wilde.

Reading for pleasure text: