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Year 1 – Animations

As part of Year 1s Learning Unit topic they were looking at Animation. They were given the task to create their own, which came with much enthusiasm. The children had to design their story boards including what characters, settings they would like as well as a snap shot of what they would like to happen in each scene. As their fantastic finish Miss Jayes came in to show the children the app they were going to be using and how they were going to create their animation. The children thoroughly enjoyed this topic and were extremely proud of what they had accomplished. Here are some of the animations they created.

Year 2 – Seaside Report

Year 2s topic was focused on the Seaside. The children were given the task to create a report about the seaside. The children were very excited during this process and were extremely motivated knowing that they would be filming their reports on a green screen. As part of their home learning the children had to create their own seaside in a box which the children would/could use as a background to their report. Miss Jayes and Mr Richardson came to visit the children to help create their reports on the green screen. Take a look at what the Year 2 children have accomplished.