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‘Together We Strive For Excellence’

Year 2

Year 2 Team - Mrs Purcell, Mrs Corbett, Mrs Day, Mrs Smith, Mrs Judge and Miss Townsend.

This Half Term

Our current text is The Tear Thief written by Carol Ann Duffy. Each night in the hours between supper and bedtime, the Tear Thief carries her waterproof sack over her shoulder as she soundlessly steals the tears of every child who cries.  But what does she do with all of those tears?  Why are the tears of real sadness the most special of all?


The maths focus is measuring in standard units (cm, m, g, kg, ml, l and degrees) using appropriate equipment.  We will take the opportunity to learn about the analogue clock, reading time to the quarter hour.


English, Reading and Maths - we will be revisiting all of our learning during this half term to make sure that we are ready and prepared for the KS1 SATs.


In Science we delve into the world of life cycles of animals focusing on the butterfly and the frog.  Children will investigate the changes in each stage of development.  Year 2 children will also be observing the changes from caterpillar to butterfly in their learning room.

Key Vocabulary:  offspring, reproduction, growth, lifecycle and metamorphosis.





History - We travel all the way back to Roman Britain to learn about settlements and the impact of Queen Boudica and the Celts' revolution.


Jigsaw - we will be looking at:

 - Relationships:learning about relationships and the diversity of families. 

-  Changing Me




Previous Learning


Class texts that we have enjoyed in Year 2 have been:



Texts that we have read as a class for pleasure were:




  • Place value (numbers to 100)
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Fractions
  • 2D and 3D shapes



  • Plants
  • Forest school
  • Uses of everyday materials
  • Animals including humans
  • Living things and their habitats



  • Kenya



  • Victorians - Sister Dora and Dr Barnado
  • Benin and the Obas



  • I Wonder
  • Festivals around the World 
  • Easter
  • Islam



  • Being me in my World
  • Celebrating differences
  • Dreams and goals
  • Healthy Me



  • Drawing
  • Painting 
  • Collage
  • Textiles



  • Slider and lever mechanisms
  • Where does my food come from?



  • Digital footprint and how to stay safe online
  • Presentations

Year 2 Gallery