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‘Together We Strive For Excellence’

Year 2

Year 2 Team - Mrs Purcell, Mrs Corbett, Mrs Day, Miss Gilbody, Miss Bennett and Mr County.

Curriculum Map - 2023-2024

This Half Term

Our current text is 'The Gruffalo' written by Julia Donaldson. 

"A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good." Walk further into the deep dark wood, and discover what happens when the quick-thinking mouse comes face to face with an owl, a snake and a hungry gruffalo ...


Our maths focus is place value.  We will take the opportunity to learn about the place value chart and use it to represent 10's and 1's alongside the use of dienes to help us to identify and represent 10's and 1's in numbers.



During RAID this half term we will be looking at our English text, 'The Gruffalo', exploring the text using our dog domains, Vocabulary Victor, Sequencing Suki, Fluency Fred and Expression Eric. Our dog domains will allow us to delve into the text a little further and enable us to open up the text to look at it in more depth.


In Science we are delving into the world of plants and will be focusing on the parts, properties and functions of a plant.  Year 2 children will observe varieties of seeds and bulbs and look closely at their similarities and differences.

Key Vocabulary:  roots, stem, leaves, flower, roots, movement, reproduction, sensitivity, growth, respiration, excretion and nutrition.



History - We travel all the way back to 1666 to learn about 'The Great Fire of London. How it all started, how quickly the fire spread, how the fire was extinguished and the impact of the fire when it finally came to an end.




In RE we will be looking at religious festivals, we will identify religious celebrations and begin to understand the difference between religious and non-religious festivals. We will look in more detail at the stories behind the religious celebrations and understand their importance.


Jigsaw - we will be looking at: Being me in my world


  • Hopes and fears for the year
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Rewards and consequences



In Art we are looking at the skill of 'drawing.' We will be looking at mark making and different drawing techniques. We will focus predominantly this half term on the artist 'Picasso' and his style of drawing. Creating our own drawings using line and shape in the style of Picasso.



Previous Learning


Class texts that we have enjoyed so far in Year 2 have been:



The text that we are reading as a class for pleasure is:














Year 2 search for the clues to find what text we will be reading in English and RAID