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‘Together We Strive For Excellence’

Year 5


Year 5 Team - Miss Harvey (5Ha), Mrs Hoccom (5Ho) and Mrs Clifft

This Half Term


Our key text we will be focusing on is 'The Queen's Fool' by Ally Sherrick.

This is providing the base for learning across a few of our subjects. It will be inspiring our writing within our English lessons, we shall also be picking the text apart in our Reading sessions and discussing the different comprehension components as well as why the author has chosen to write the text in the way he has and the impact that it has on the story.


This term we will be looking at the Tudors. We will delving in to how the Tudor dynasty began and will look at Henry VIII more closely. 


We will be looking Materials and their properties. As part of this term we will also be partaking in Forest School which will also link with our Science topic. 


During the term we will be developing our Collage skills. Creating an end piece that links to the environment. 


Over the term we will be looking at developing our gymnastics and dance skills which will be taught by Mr Dovey.


French (MFL)
Miss Noakes will be teaching us our numbers, days of the week, months and clothes. 


Jigsaw (PSHE) 
Children will be learning how to say body parts in French and learning about a French town. .


Design and Technology 
At the end of the term we will be investigating the environmental impact due to food waste and what we can do to reduce it.


Over the term we will look at two aspects of Computing - Digital Literacy (Online Safety) and Computer Science. We will be once again looking at our acceptable use policies and the SMART rules that we need to follow to become a good digital citizen. During our Computer Science lessons we be looking at developing our knowledge of scratch and the different blocks to create an algorithm. 



Previous Learning


Geography - Favelas in Brazil
PE - Hockey and Tennis
Science - Forces
Art - Drawing and Painting
French - Numbers, days of the week and clothes

DT - Night lights


Future Learning


Texts that we will be reading throughout the year as part of our English and Reading lessons.


Reading for pleasure books.

Geography - Fieldwork

Science -  Animals including humans and Sexual Health

Computing -  Networks

Art - Textiles and Print Making

Recommended Reading List