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Woodlands Academy of Learning home page Woodlands Academy of Learning home page

‘Together We Strive For Excellence’

Staff Team

Leadership & Management Team

Mrs T Newton – Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mrs C Macpherson – Deputy Headteacher 
Mrs J Jackson – Root Phase Lead Nur & Rec, Assistant Head, Teacher (RJ)
Miss L Edmunds – Branch Phase Lead Y3 & Y4, Assistant Head, Teacher (3E), Maths & PP Lead
Miss K Evans – Oak Phase Lead Y5 & Y6, Assistant Head Teacher (6E), English Lead
Mrs V Baker – Finance & Operations Lead
Mrs J Graham – Safeguarding Deputy (DDSL) & Pupil & Welfare Support (PAWS)
Mrs S Dickson – SEND Lead
Mrs S Purcell – Shoot Phase Lead Y1 & Y2, Techer (2CP) Science Lead & Placement Co-ordinator
Miss S Harvey – Teacher (5H) Online Safety, Computing, Reading and Library Lead
Mr A Parton – Site Manager

Mrs A Fieldhouse – Office & Procurement Manager, Finance Support


Teaching Staff

Miss L Roberts (Nur) – Nursery Lead
Miss A Seale  (Nur) – Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Gill (Rec) – Teacher & RE/EAL Lead

Miss L Coote (Rec) – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Stone (Rec) – Teaching Assistant
Miss D Whitehouse (Y1) – Teacher
Miss B Smith (Y1) – Teacher & Phonics Lead
Mrs A Ward – (Y1) – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Corbett (Y2) – Teacher & D+T Lead
Mrs K Day (Y2) – Teacher
Miss A Townsend (Y2) – Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Smith (Y1/2) – Teaching Assistant
Miss L Adams (Y3) – Teacher
Mrs S Clifft (Y3) – Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Rich (Y4) – Teacher & MFL Lead
Mrs L Newton (Y4) – Teacher, PE and Well-being Lead
Mrs A Wilkes (Y4) – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Hoccom (Y5) – Teacher, History Lead and School Council
Mrs J Meredith (Y5) – Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Pickering (Y6) – Teacher & Music Lead
Mrs M Steventon (Y6) – Teaching Assistant

Miss J Birch  – Teacher & Geography Lead
Mr L Dovey – Sports Teacher
Mrs V Lippitt – Teacher & Art Lead
Miss P Noakes – Teacher & Outdoor Learning Lead

Miss R Pottle – Teacher & PSHE Lead


Learning Support, Pupil & Family Support Team

Mrs L Pedley – Learning Mentor, Family & Pupils Support
Miss S Peters – Speech & Language Support
Miss T Bennett – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs T Dean - Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Froggatt – Learning Support Assistant
Miss M Froggatt – Learning Support Assistant
Miss N Gilbody – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Judge - Learning Support Assistant
Miss S Mills – Learning Support Assistant
Miss R Sellman – Learning Support Assistant
Mrs T Schofield – Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Townsend – Learning Support Assistant
Mrs H Uppal – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs E Walford - Learning Support Assistant

Miss M Hancock - Learning Support Assistant

Mr B County - Learning Support Assistant


School Support Staff

Mr D Davies – Morning Site Support
Mrs T Alves – Extended Services Coordinator & Administration
Mrs T Headley – Administration
Mrs H Smith – Administration

Mrs V Hill - Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs G Richards – Ambiance Coordinator


Catering Staff, Lunchtime Supervisors & Cleaning Team

Mrs F Mason – Head Cook
Miss J Smith – Catering Deputy
Mrs T Webb
Mrs S Brown
Miss D Price

Mrs J Townsend – Senior Lunch Lead
Mrs G Smith - Hall Leader

Mrs K Bassett
Mrs S Cassell

Mrs T Dean
Mrs D Dunn

Miss N Gilbody
Mrs K Froggatt
Mrs J Judge

Mrs G Richards 

Miss R Sellman
Mrs T Smith

Mrs H Uppal

Mrs E Walford
Mrs V Hill

Mrs F Webster

Miss S Keen

Miss K Anderson 
Miss L Keay



Woodies Breakfast and Afterschool Staff Team

Mrs T Alves – Extended Services Coordinator

Miss T Bennett
Miss M Froggatt
Mrs K Froggatt

Miss S Mills
Mrs H Uppal
Miss R Sellman

Mrs J Townsend