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Reception Team - Mrs Jackson, Mrs Gill, Miss Birch, Mrs Stone and Miss Coote.

This Half Term

Throughout this half term we will be delving into the world of Once Upon a Time. 


Our key text we will be focusing on is 'The Gingerbread Man' by Mara Alperin.

This is providing the base for learning across a few of our subjects. It will be inspiring our writing within our English lessons, we shall also be picking the text apart in our Reading sessions and using different voices to tell the story encouraging children to join in and echo the adults reading aloud.


Our History topic is also based around Once Upon a Time; looking at time travellers including a trip to Tamworth Castle. We will be learning about castles, what they looked like (including the different parts) and who lived in them.


In Science we will be looking at the topic of Materials, where we will be learning about the changing state of materials, observing how cake mixture/bread dough changes as it is made & cooked. We will be making gingerbread men biscuits and observing how materials change as they are combined and cooked.


In Computing we are going to be logging on to a computer as part of our online safety learning. For digital literacy we will be learning that devices can be used to access the internet and how to find information.


In Art we are exploring the world of tools and techniques. We will be learning about joining and the resources we can use to join.

Previous Learning

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