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Reception Team - Mrs Jackson, Mrs Gill, Miss Birch, Mrs Stone and Miss Coote.

Timetable Spring & Summer Term 2024

This Half Term

Throughout this half term we will be delving into the world of our Learning Adventure:  Once Upon a Time!  


We are Readers!

Our key text that we will be focusing on is 'The Gingerbread Man' by Mara Alperin, illustrated by Miriam Latimer. 

This is providing the base for learning across a few of our subjects. We will continue to develop our 'book talk' - learning about the Title, the Author and Illustrator, and the blurb. We will work with 'Predicting Pip' who helps us to guess what the story might be about and what will happen next as we we read through. Predicting is an important part of the reading process and helps the children to use clues from the text to think about the story. We will also work with our new Dog Domain friends 'Rex Retriever' who retrieves information about the text and pictures and Inference Iggy who helps us to find out how characters are feeling. 


We are Historians! 

We are heading back in time again but not as far into the past this time as we learn all about Castles! We explore some of the castles that we have in Great Britain, who may have lived in these castles and what castle life would have been like. We also learn about the structures of castles and the different parts they have which helped to protect them from seiges. In this Learning Adventure we even visit a real-life castle for a day of fun and investigation. Our children always love Tamworth Castle & may even get to meet a very special dragon!! 


We are Scientists! 

The next part of our Learning Adventure takes us into the world of Biology as we study some very special visitors! We will be caring for 10 chicks who arrive still in their eggs and hatch right in front of our eyes! We get to keep our fluffy friends for 2 weeks until they are big enough to fly the nest (well, they move to a farm!). Another amazing experience for our children that they just love!


We are Artists!

This term we will be exploring Textiles. This will include weaving with natural objects or fabrics, learning about weft and warp. We will also explore fabric collage creating pictures and puppets using fabric. 

After half term we delve into the world of Print-Making, learning about how we can use different objects to print with such as vegetables, pine cones and card tubes.    


We Are Olympians! 

It's that time of year where we start limbering up for that all important sporting event.... Sports Day! In PE lessons we learn the skills involved in different races and the importance of competition.  

Home Learning - Reading Every Day!

This term we are launching our new Reading Records and the links to the RWI videos that we use to support the children at home with their phonics learning - Fred & Elly! The links will be sent out via the MarvellousMe app and will match what the children are learning in school. We ask that the children watch and join in with at least one video per day (approx 7 minutes) and that parents write how they got on in their Reading Record. 

Please see the Reading Workshop leaflet that was given out - a copy is also attached above - as this will provide support for using these materials at home. Anything you are not sure of please ask the Reception Team!! 

Links for the RWI Videos with Ellie & Fred are now live and will be active until 28th July. These links are for the Speed Sounds, Special Friends and Set 2 Sounds Lessons in the order they are taught.


Some children will know these well and some children will still be learning them - all practise is very helpful to them!



Please only practise the sounds your teacher has sent for you to learn at home! 



Speed Sound: m


Speed Sound: a


Speed Sound s:


Speed Sound d:


Speed Sound: t


Speed Sound: i


Speed Sound: n


Speed Sound: p


Speed Sound: g


Speed Sound:o


Speed Sound: c


Speed Sound: k


Speed Sound: u


Speed Sound: b


Speed Sound: f


Speed Sound: e


Speed Sound: l


Speed Sound: h


Speed Sound: r


Speed Sound: j


Speed Sound: v


Speed Sound: w


Speed Sound: y


Speed Sound: z


Speed Sound: x 


Special Friends:

sh - 


th -


ch -


qu -


ng -


nk -


ck -


Set 2 Sounds 

ay -


ee -


igh -


ow -


oo -


oo -


ar -


or -


air -


ir -


ou -


oy -

Red Words

Ditties -

Fred Games 

These games help our children to orally blend sounds into words. Copy the adult in the video - say the sounds and then the word. Some children need to say the sounds a few times before they can hear the word, pausing the video after each new word will allow more time to answer. 




Here are the links:


Body parts game:


Colours game:


Action game 1: 






Fred's Adventure Party:


Have fun and remember lots of practise makes progress!!! 

Previous Learning

We Recognise Emotions!

For the first few weeks, we will be focussing on our Personal, Social and Emotional Development as we settle in to our new class and life in Reception. We will learn about our feelings and how we manage the different feelings we have, how we belong to different groups (family, school etc), how to be a good friend, kindness and how we can be responsible. 


We are Historians!

We then move on to our History topic where we will introduce the children to the concept of 'the past.' The past describes a time that has already happened so yesterday, a year ago and billions of years ago are all examples of the past. We will focus on our own past and look at when we were babies and how we have changed over time. We will also learn about the different families that we belong to and how are families are the same or different to each other. We will create our family tree to show the different generations of our family. 


We are Artists!

Our Art learning will centre around the Artist L. S. Lowry. We will explore some of Lowry's most famous work and the style that he used to draw and paint people and buildings. We will then see if we can recreate Lowry's style with our own pictures of matchstick figures! 


We are Scientists!

We then move on to Science where we will be learning about 'Forces.' We will carry out simple investigations to find out how things move and behave in different situations such as floating or sinking in water, how sand and water runs through a sand or water wheel, how toys move in the wind and how wheeled toys move along ramps set at different heights - so much experimenting! 

We will also be keeping our eye on the weather every day and watching for changes in the season as we move into Autumn - what changes do we notice as time passes?


We can Stay Safe!


In Computing we are going to be looking at online safety and learning how we can stay safe when we are on our own devices. This includes the story of Digi Duck's Big Decision which will help the children undertsand the importance of  sharing information online in a safe and sensible way.  For digital literacy we will be learning about all the different devices that can be used to access the internet. 

We will also meet the Pantosaurus a dinosaur that teaches us how to keep ourselves safe, happy and healthy - what is in your pants is private and nobody should ask to see or try to touch your private parts unless they are a trusted adult! The Pantosaurus teaches us a song about this and what to do if somebody does something that makes us feel unsafe - we tell a grown up that we trust! This adult can be at home or in school.


Listen to the song together here: 


In RE we will be exploring the concept of Special People - who is special to us and why?


In PE we will be off to the Jungle for our Gym in the Jungle gymnastics theme. 

Recommended Reading List