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‘Together We Strive For Excellence’


The current Governing Body at Woodlands Academy of Learning for 2023 – 2024 is as follows:

Community Governors

  • Mr R Lawrence (Chair)
  • Miss K Glanville
  • Mrs S Spriggs
  • Mr J Whitehouse


LA Governor

  • Mrs M McGrath


Co-opted Governor

  • Mr S Simpson (Vice Chair)
  • Mrs D Sims


Parent Governors

  • Mrs E Bate
  • Miss C Bate


Staff Governors

  • Mrs T Newton (Headteacher)
  • Mrs J Jackson (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs J Graham (Pastoral Team and Safeguarding)





  • Mrs Lowe
  • Mr D Wills
  • Mr M Reid
  • Mr R Eynon
  • Mr I Whitehouse


Governance Structure



Trustee Registers of Business & Pecuniary Interest 2023/2024

Trustees NameAppointment Date & term of OfficeType of TrusteeAppointed byBusiness Interest & DateCharity Trustee Details & DateTrustee/Gov     at Other Establishments & DateMember of professional body, organisation or Public body & DateContractual Link to Academy or Other Education Setting & DateRelationship to staff / pupils / trusteesSignedDate
Christine Bate26/01/24 - 25/01/28Parent TrusteeParentsN/AN/AN/ANoneNoneParent of Registered Pupil--
Ellena Bate14/10/22 – 13/10/26Parent TrusteeParentsN/AN/AN/ANoneNoneParent of registered pupilsYes10/01/2023
Russell EynonDecember 2022MemberMembersCompany director Breakwells Paints Ltd and Arcs & SparksN/AN/ANoneNoneNoneYes30/09/2021
Kate Glanville01/09/19 – 31/08/23Community TrusteeBoard of TrusteesHead of Dept – BCU
Sept 2013
N/AN/AMember of Geographical AssociationWoodlands provide Teacher Training for BCU students via School DirectNoneYes26/09/2022
Jayne Graham19/10/21 – 18/10/25Staff TrusteeStaffNoneN/AN/ANonePastoral & Safeguarding Team


Sept 2010

Julia Jackson25/09/18 – 24/09/26Staff TrusteeStaffNoneN/aN/ANoneAssistant Head


Sept 2009

Robert Lawrence11/10/20 – 10/10/24Chair Community TrusteeBoard of TrusteesNone1. Dunston with Coppenhall PCC – April 2019


2. Hyde Lea & Coppenhall Village Hall July 2010

LGB member at Haughton St. Giles CE Primary Academy


Dec 2019 – Dec 2023

Lesley LoweJuly 2012 – 21/05/20 – 20/05/24MemberMembers NoneN/AN/ANoneBloxwich AcademyNoneYes23/09/2021
Mary B McGrath17/03/2022 – 17/03/2026LA GovernorBoard of TrusteesNoneN/AN/ANoneNoneNoneYes22/09/2022
Tamsin NewtonAccounting OfficerHeadteacherBoard of TrusteesNoneNAHT





Sept 2015

Matthew ReidDecember 2021MemberMembersNoneN/AN/ANoneNoneNoneYes13/10/2022
Sam Simpson02/12/21 – 01/12/25Vice Chair
Co-opted Governor
Board of TrusteesRelationship Director, HSBC Bank


April 2022

N/AN/ANoneNoneParent of a registered pupil


Related to T Alves (Staff Member)

Diane Sims17/03/2022 – 17/03/2026Co-opted GovernorBoard of TrusteesNoneN/AN/AMember of – The Rotary Club, Willenhall



Susan Spriggs05/07/2022 – 04/07/2026Community TrusteeBoard of TrusteesNoneN/AN/ANoneNoneNoneYes22/09/2022
Ian WhitehouseSeptember 2023 MemberMembersStaffordshire PoliceN/AN/ANoneNoneNoneYes01/12/2022
Joshua Whitehouse23/03/23 - 22/03/27Community TrusteeBoard of Trustees N/AN/ANoneNoneNone  
David WillsJuly 2012MemberMembersNoneN/AN/ANoneNoneNoneYes30/09/2022

Committee Members & Attendance 2022/2023 – 2023/2024

Full Board Meetings 
Christine Bate------P 
Ellena Bate-PPPAPP 
Russell EynonX-------
Kate GlanvilleAPAPPAA 
Jayne GrahamPAPPAAP 
Julia JacksonPPPPPPP 
Robert LawrencePPPPPPP 
Lesley LoweAXX-----
MaryB McgrathPPPPAPP 
Tamsin NewtonPPPPPPP 
Sam SimpsonPPPPPPA 
Diane SimsPPPPPPP 
Susan SpriggsPPPAPPP 
Ian WhitehousePPPP----
Joshua Whitehouse--PAPPP 


Key: P = Present, A = Absent (Apologies), X = Absent (No Apologies), – = Attendance not Required


Finance, Staffing & Buildings Committee  
Russell EynonX------
Robert LawrencePPPPPP 
Tamsin NewtonPAPPPP 
Sam SimpsonPPPPPP 
Diane SimsPPAPPP 
Ian WhitehouseAPPA---
Joshua Whitehouse--PPPA 



Curriculum & Standards Committee
Christine Bate----P 
Ellena Bate-PAPP 
Kate GlanvilleAPAPA 
Jayne GrahamPPPPP 
Julia JacksonPAAPP 
Robert LawrencePPPPP 
MaryB McGrathXAAPA 
Tamsin NewtonPPPPP 
Susan SpriggsPPPAP